As a class, you will conduct a mini qualitative research study by interviewing a target population about sleep habits.

In preparation for this activity, you will need to read the following pages in the Psychology text about qualitative research and interviewing:
• 10.1 – 10.2 (pp. 343 – 363)
And, to gain more background about the biological issue of sleep, read the following:
Psychology text p. 50
• The article on Diigo and Wiki titled “Sleep May Be Nature’s Time Management Tool
• 3 different articles on the APA website found using the search phrase “sleep research”

A final report of your findings will be written collaboratively as a class using Google Documents.

This is a collaborative activity. You will be working as a team throughout this whole process. So be sure to practice effective communication and problem solving skills with your peers and teacher. Use these information and communication technologies to communicate/collaborate with each other when you can’t meet in person:
• Wiki
Google Docs
• IM
• Cellphone/SMS


AIM: To determine how sleep affects levels of procrastination in IB Year 1 and Year 2 Diploma students at ISB.

TARGET POPULATION: IB Diploma Year 2 Students vs. IB Diploma Year 1 Students

- Participants: IB Diploma Students at ISB

- Sample: 1 grade 12; 1 grade 11 per researcher. Even in gender

PROCEDURE: Interview


Interview Questions

Jaime, Henry, Valerie:
1. How much sleep do you get on weeknights on average?
2. What do you consider as procrastination (for example multitasking, TV, etc)?
3. When do you get home and when do you start your homework (on average)?
4. How much time do you spend procrastinating compared to the time for homework?
5. do you ever get up early to finish the homework you couldn't finish at night? How often each month do you do it and why do you do it?
6. When do you start homework on weekends including Friday?

Von Lyn, Mary, Tommy
1. How much sleep do you get on an average school night?
2. What is the first thing you do when you get home from school?
3. How long would you put off doing an assignment if it was due in a month's time?
4. Do you have a study hall? (not IB study hall)
5. If so, what do you do during study hall?
6. When you procrastinate, do you tend to feel more tired?
7. Do you have a habit of taking naps?
8. Are you more motivated to work if you sleep more?
9. What is your motivation to start work every night?
10. How do you feel about your workload every night?
11. How much after school activities are you involved in? How many hours do you spend on them every week?

Jeff, Steffon, Caitlyn
  1. How would you describe your attitude towards homework on a minimal amount of sleep?
  2. How would you describe your attitude towards homework on a good amount of sleep?
  3. In what way is your school work effected when you are tired?
  4. How often do you procrastinate? Do you find it a result of being tired?
  5. Do you think a nap after school would help with your school work, how and why?
  6. Is there a way that you deal with being tired when you have school work to do?