Presentation Overview

-You will be assigned a neurotransmitter
-You will then create a formal oral presentation to include the following detail:

a. In what part of the nervous system does the neurotransmitter mostly work?
b. Outline the role the neurotransmitter plays.
c. Explain the effects of the neurotransmitter on behavior.
d. What affects are there when there is too much or too little of the neurotransmitter?
e. What drugs and/or treatments are used when there is a problem related to the neurotransmitter?

You will give your presentation live in class; after, you will create a VoiceThread of the same presentation and post it on this page.

Presentation Zen

Use the resources below to help you understand how to transform your presentation visual support to be more engaging.


23 Tips for Delivering a Great Speech - A nice list that builds on Presentation Zen principles.
Presentation Zen - Use this website/blog by Garr Reynolds as a key source to help you understand what comprises an excellent and effective presentation.
Presentation Zen Summary - Hyperlinked summaries from the end of each chapter in the book.
Creative Commons Image Search - Search here for copyright free images that can used under Creative Commons attribution licenses.
Free Images - Free images which you can use.

Sample Slides

Effective Presentations





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