Biological Principles in Research

With a partner, you will give an overview of a research study relating to each of the 3 key biological principles below. the overview will be organized following the basic research procedures:
*on page17-19
Aim -- purpose of study
Target Population -- the group that is investigated
- Participants -- people/animals that take part in the study
- Sample -- the nature of the participants (the number of people/animals)
(did the research process raise any ethical issues?) Refer to p22 for the ethical guidelines

The bullets below each principle refer to the common methods for doing research within that principle. Use the search function in the APA website to help you find research studies.

Place each of your overviews on the respective principle page.

I. Brain (& Nervous System)
• Brain Scans
• Invasive Techniques
• Post-Mortem
• Animal
• Observation (especially of people with known brain damage)

II. Chemical (neurotransmitters) & Hormones
• Animal
• Blood Sampling
• Drug Trials

III. Genetics
• Observational twin studies
• Observational family studies
• Genetic testing
• Adoption studies